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A new web of intrigue hits the HBO screen with the second season THE SECRET LIFE OF COUPLES

Starring Bruna Lombardi, the original series explores the thin line between power and responsibility in the dangerous relationship between the corporate and political worlds.
MIAMI, FL, August 23, 2019 — Sex, corruption, hackers and economic power will invade the screens of HBO and HBO GO on October 13, with the premiere of the second season of THE SECRET LIFE OF COUPLES. Made up of 10 episodes, the original HBO Latin America series continues its thought-provoking story created by Bruna Lombardi and Kim Riccelli, whom also directs alongside Carlos Alberto Riccelli.
Lombardi returns as psychologist and therapist, Sofia Prado, director of the Tantra Institute. In the new season, she joins investigator Luis (Carlos Alberto Riccelli) and journalist Vicente (Alejandro Claveaux) to investigate the murder of Daniel (João Paulo Lorezon). In the first few episodes, a group of hackers tries to obtain sensitive files about the corrupt network run by banker and businessman Edgar Eleno Andreazza (Paulo Gorgulho). To protect his business, Andreazza approaches Vice President Zairo (Leonardo Medeiros), who will take office after the President’s unexpected death.
The cast includes names such as Virginia Cavendish, Fernando Alves Pinto, Ondina Clais, Hugo Bonemer, Camila dos Anjos, André Loddi, Mel Lisboa, Natallia Rodrigues and Wandi Doratiotto. One of the season’s newest additions is the introduction of actress Mayana Neiva who plays the role of Cassandra, the wife of Vice President Zairo.
THE SECRET LIFE OF COUPLES is produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Eduardo Zaca of HBO Latin America Originals; Bruna Lombardi and Carlos Alberto Riccelli of Pulsar; and Georgia Costa Araújo from Coração da Selva. The script is by Bruna Lombardi and Kim Riccelli.

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