jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019

Calling all marketing nerds and creatives

This week we're announcing who will be joining us on our stages dedicated to all things marketing, design and content creation: Creatiff and PandaConf.

We've got some incredible speakers joining us, like Tim Kobe, who worked with Steve Jobs to design the original Apple store concept and Nikki Neuburger, the head of marketing for the company who lets us order from our favourite restaurant without leaving the couch - Uber Eats.

Take a look at who else is joining us.

The Creatiff stage will welcome some incredible guests from the creative industry. Get to know just a few of the speakers we're looking forward to hearing:

Greg Lutz - Co-founder and chief experience officer of VSCO, one of the world's leading creative tools, platforms and community spaces all wrapped up in one. You've most likely used his app to take that Instagram photo to the next level.

Daniel Farkas - Co-founder and CEO of Drops, an app that makes learning a new language super easy and convenient. Fun fact: Drops was voted best app in the Google Play Store in 2018.

Tim Kobe - Founder of Eight Inc. and a concept design OG. Tim was the lead designer for the original Apple store layout, which helped shape the future of how we experience retail stores. We're looking forward to hearing about his new book Eight Inc.: Return on Experience at RISE.

Deirdre McGlashan - Chief digital officer of MediaCom, one of the world's leading media specialists with clients ranging from Adidas to Coca-Cola.

PandaConf is where we gather 5,000 industry giants, global CMOs, leading brands, investors, agencies and ad tech startups. Take a peek at just a few of the leaders who are joining us this year:

Nikki Neuburger - Head of Global Marketing for Uber Eats and former vice president of global brand marketing for Nike Running. Nikki was a key leader in bringing the Nike+ app to life.

Jessica Spence - Chief Commercial Officer at Carlsberg, a company that's been around for over 150 years and still has a strong presence in the world of beer.

Mada Seghete - Co-founder and head of Marketing at Branch, the deep linking app that helps you create links between websites and mobile apps entered the unicorn club last year.

Ms. Yeah - YouTube star. She's often referred to as the "office chef" and has a following of over 5 million on YouTube. She's known for her unique video where she gives cooking tutorials using office supplies.

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