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HBO gives a first-look at the cast of AMONGST MEN

Buenos Aires, July 22, 2019 – A few weeks after the start of filming in Buenos Aires, HBO has released a first-look at the characters from its new original miniseries AMONGST MEN.
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Gabriel ‘El Puma’ Goity: Sargento Garmendia
Nicolás Furtado: Mosca
Diego Velázquez: Detective Almada
Diego Cremonesi: Zurdo
Claudio Rissi: Tucumano Cortez
Based on the cult novel by Germán Maggiori, AMONGST MEN takes place in 1996, in the underground world of Buenos Aires where there are no differences between saints and sinners. It is the golden age of gangs, and one of the darkest times for the police, who are controlled by a group of millionaire commissioners sharing in the illicit businesses of Buenos Aires.
A VHS cassette is the trigger. In it, an orgy with a tragic ending is recorded, and caught was a senator with great political aspirations, who participated. Now, the public figure unleashes a path of death, destruction and madness as he tries to recover the lost material. All of this takes place within a framework where social division is at center stage, generating a parallel world between the "civilization" of the city and the "barbarism" on the other side of the bridge.
Directed by Pablo Fendrik, AMONGST MEN is written by original author, Germán Maggiori, alongside Fendrik, who serves as co-writer. The miniseries is executive produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Ríos and Paul Drago of HBO Latin America Originals, and Adrián Suar and Diego Andrasnik of Pol-Ka.

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