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Huawei Mobile Mexico and How does your mismanagement of Public Relations affect your consumers?

By Teresa González Editor.

During the last years Huawei Mobile has been growing rapidly, since year after year we are presented with some more incredible equipment than others in all its ranges and series, as well as for those who love photography, as well as for those who wish to have the latest in technology in the palm of your hand.

They could really tell you how incredible their mobile devices are and how they facilitate our work and personal lives.

I am a fan of their teams and I have recommended them countless times, since personally they have spectacular cameras and make working life more practical. Since when I travel or attend different press events I do most of the videos and interviews with Huawei teams.

Most executives and collaborators are surprised to see the professions that remain in the interviews, conferences, photos, articles, etc. And everyone's questions is, what equipment do you use? what brand is it? What model do you occupy? And many more and I answer is Huawei, true that it has everything from a professional camera !.

But in the end those were my recommendations from a while ago because I really enjoyed their incredible cameras and their technology. For years I have been following the brand and its growth since it arrived in Mexico and it has been incredible.

They ask me why I have not recommended Huawei for a long time to our audience and to many brands as a work tool. The questions are many, but the most talked about are why do not you recommend Huawei? Do not you have good teams? Do not you use Huawei equipment anymore? Why do not you work with your equipment? What do you think about them?

And the answer is easy, but it seems to be complicated for your current Weber Shandwick Public Relations Agency.

Since a long time ago when Huawei Mobile came to Mexico they have always sent me their Bulletins, Press Releases and Invitations to their Events; They also sent or sent me their new equipment, to test them, make reviews, work with them and thus be able to recommend them widely with freedom and with knowledge of knowing what it is recommending to the consumer.

We had always received the latest Huawei Teams, in their respective launches or by reaching through their Public Relations Agency that represented them at that time.

But since Weber Shandwick is your PR Agency, you never get the equipment; It does not matter how many times you ask for the equipment to the Account Executive, they never send them. They say yes but weeks go by and they never contact you again and it does not only happen to me, but also to many collaborators of the Press.

It is known that the brand assigns a large Lot of Equipment to its PR Agency to provide it to the media, something that its current agency does not do and decides to cheat the press saying that if they provided the equipment after their releases and never they do it

How does this affect the Huawei Brand?

Very simple, by not providing the equipment there are no varied opinions about them, there are no different reviews, there are no different points of view and therefore there are no recommendations for the final consumer.

And this is the answer to why I have not recommended the Huawei brand, since I have not had the opportunity to test their latest equipment, because their PR Agency Weber Shandwick does not provide them. And I would never recommend something that I did not taste and really know.

I have requested several times from your Agency to try them and be able to recommend them since they ask me a lot but their Account Executive only responds that if in a few days and that time never arrives.

Even in one of your Launch events, talk to Cristina Yi, Marketing Director of Huawei México; I commented that if they could send us the equipment for review, making articles, etc., and I answered yes without any problem and sent to call their public relations executive and commented my request, her PR executive only took my data and never communicated with me even though Cristina had already requested it.

I contacted his PR Agency again and they only thought about it and not only that, but they chose not to send me some of their invitations to the launchings and events of the Huawei brand, I think the brand should be more to the slope of this discrimination that is done to some means on the part of its team of public relations.

Last week after a while they sent me a Save The Date for the launch in Mexico of the Huawei P30 Series, which will be at the beginning of April 2019. I am excited by this release I really have high expectations with this team.

I hope that with this new release your public relations team will provide us with the equipment to be able to do our work, which is to communicate and not limit to the consumers all the information about the new releases and the experience they may have when purchasing these equipment.

I will be reporting what is happening with this new launch and be able to communicate everything about this new team that is about to arrive in Mexico.


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