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viernes, 3 de enero de 2020

FORBES MAGAZINE - Said Dokins among the Top List 100 Most Creative Mexicans in the World

Said Dokins among the Top100 Most Creative Mexicans in the World
In their December edition, Forbes Mexico Magazine presents the list of the top 100 Most Creative Mexicans in the Word, to recognize the work of men and woman who, from different fields of creation -gastronomy, arts, architecture, music, dance, literature, entertainment, among others-, have managed to stand out internationally, breaking molds and opening new tracks.
Said Dokins is part of that list because of the remarkable work he developed this year, painting huge walls in different cities around the world, to establish conversations with diverse communities through his calligraphic landscapes, compositions where the poetry of each sign goes beyond its meaning to open multidimensional reflections.
TOP TEN 2019.
Most hallucinating pieces of the year!
We invite you to take a look at the top 10 most hallucinating pieces made by Said Dokins during 2019, a great chance to know his amazing work, enjoy!
Salt River / District 6. Stories Of A Word
Said Dokins @saidokins, Salt River / District 6. Stories Of A Word. Cape Town. For International Public Art Festival @ipaf_festival_sa South Africa
A mural painted in Cape Town, South Africa, for the International Public Art Festival dedicated to the people from District 6, who were displaced from their home because of the apartheid, and are still struggling to recover their original place.
Struggling Women. The Head of Coatlicue
Said Dokins @saidokins, Mujeres luchadoras. Cabeza de Coatlicue, 2019. ONU Mujeres, #HeForShe, Central de Muros, CDMX, Mexico.
Struggling Women. The Head of Coatlicue is a mural of around 300m2 in the Central de Abastos in Mexico City, one of the biggest markets in the world, a homage to the women who struggle every day to open new spaces, sponsored by UN Women and the campaign HeForShe, and Central de muros.
AMA. Stories Of A Word
Said Dokins @saidokins + Biokip Labs + Via del Tirchino residents, AMA. Historias de una palabra, 2019. Bloop Experience. Milano, Italy.
AMA. Stories of a Word, a 3 massive murals intervention in Via de Turchino, Milano, framed by Bloop Festival Milano, where the artist included the stories of the community, experiences of war and fascism, but also their dreams and hopes towards the future, to create the palindrome AMA, a word that contains the tensions of the lived stories.
Said Dokins @saidokins, Palimpsestos. Produced by Biokip Labs. Bloop Showcase. Milano, Italy.
Exhibition Palimpsestos, during the Design Week Milano, the show gathered works elaborated in collaboration with Biokip Atelier, centered in the reflection about the process of conformation of memory through inscription, the resignification of the symbolic and the relation of people with the public space.
Said Dokins @saidokins , Entropy, 2019. Ibiza, Spain, Bloop Festival 2019
Entropy, an spectacular mural, painted in Bloop Festival Ibiza, that explores the concept of entropy in relation with contemporary society: chaos and disorder as origin, as a force that generates new dynamics, redefining the way we conceive and act in the spaces we share.
Runaway Writings. Retrospective exhibition
Said Dokins @saidokins, Runaway Writings, 2019. Centro de las Artes San Luis PotosÍ. Photos: Leonardo Luna
Retrospective exhibition “Runaway Writings” in the Center of Arts of San Luis Potosí. The show, curated by Claudia de la Garza, brings together iconic works of the artist, with pieces made expressly for the occasion, including installation, light art, painting, sculpture and pieces of the series Heliographies of Memory, in collaboration with photographer Leonardo Luna; is a trip through Dokins' main conceptual and formal explorations, revealing his multifaceted character and his deep reflections about inscription as a place of encounter and tension, conflict and community.
El testigo. The Witness
Said Dokins @saidokins, El Testigo, 2019, Former Penitentiary in San Luis Potosí. Mexico
“The witness. Stories of a word”, mural intervention on the central tower of the CEART San Luis Potosí, that used to be the watchtower when the place served as a penitentiary. Dokins intertwines the stories of prisoners, custodians, psychologists, even executives, to reinterpret them with his own style, rewriting these events and accumulating them in a multitude of strokes forming a texture that surrounds the tower.
Three Flowers for London
Said Dokins @saidokins, Three Flowers for London, 2019. London UK
“Three Flowers for London”, a project carried out in Central London, Brick Lane and Hackney, where Said used poetry and his fantastic geometric calligraphic compositions to draw attention on the climate change.
Ofrenda de los animeros
Said Dokins (@saidokins) + Mantra (@mantrarea) . Ofrenda de los animéros. San Juan Tlihuaca. Día de Muertos 2019. @_urbana_mx
“Ofrenda de los animeros”, is an offering-mural made in collaboration with Mantrea during the festivities of the Day of Deaths, an important celebration in Mexico, in the community of San Juan Tlihuaca, in Mexico City. Post Mortem Festival, organized by Urbana MX.
Memoria canera
Said Dokins @saidokins, Memoria canera, 2019. Maximum Security Penitentiary for High Impact Crimes, Morelia, Michoacán
“Memoria canera” of the series Constellations. Mural intervention in the Maximum Security Penitentiary for High Impact Crimes of Morelia, Michoacan, based on the testimonies of the interns.

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