jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2018

With the use of Tinyclues’ Campaign Intelligence solution, AccorHotels is seeing a significant impact on the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and on customer experience

For over a year, AccorHotels has been using Tinyclues for its relationship marketing campaigns in France. Thanks to this campaign intelligence solution, AccorHotels is improving both the targeting of its B2C communications and customer experience while simultaneously increasing marketing campaign efficiency.

AccorHotels is a world-leading travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator offering unique experiences in more than 4,500 hotels, resorts and residences across 100 different countries. Ian di Tullio, AccorHotels SVP of Guest Services, said, “Using digital to improve personalization is at the heart of our strategy. For us it’s a matter of combining economic efficiency with customer experience. Choosing Tinyclues’ solution is in line with this as it uses both artificial intelligence and smart marketing. This collaboration enables us to implement efficient personalized marketing campaigns and communications tailored to the needs of every one of our customers.”

Tinyclues offers a unique targeting and planning experience for marketing campaigns. The solution uses artificial intelligence to enable marketers to easily identify, with unparalleled precision, future buyers for any offer featured in a campaign. Tinyclues’ unique deep learning technology makes it possible to communicate on current business needs (last minute destination, brand launch, opening of sales, niche hotel offering, etc.) and to broaden audiences beyond traditional targets based on prior purchases. Tinyclues also optimizes the marketing plan by detecting potential conflicts between campaigns; it uses AI to arbitrate and manage marketing fatigue, maximizing overall campaign performance while improving customer experience.

“This initial pilot conducted on the French market was a major success. The solution is very user-friendly and the teams have been able to easily target and optimize our campaigns, including to promote specific destinations, lifestyle themes or niche products such as luxury hotels,” added Ian di Tullio. “In the end, message sales efficiency has improved, our customers are enjoying a better brand experience and results have exceeded our expectations. We have measured a significant increase in revenues for certain campaigns while simultaneously reducing the unsubscribe rate for our communications. Building on these particularly positive results, we are now beginning to roll out the solution across all countries in which AccorHotels operates.”

An AI-first campaign intelligence solution based on unique artificial intelligence technology, Tinyclues is the only solution that automatically applies the power of deep learning to marketing databases. The end result is that marketers no longer need to rely on their intuition or arbitrary criteria for their marketing campaigns.

“Brands are adopting Tinyclues because they can see that the solution offers a unique experience to marketers, enabling them to seamlessly align their campaign ideas and their business objectives”, said David Bessis, Founder and CEO of Tinyclues. “Time and time again, our clients have seen a very significant increase in the revenues generated by their campaigns and far better management of marketing fatigue and therefore customer experience. This is also the case for AccorHotels and we are excited about working with such a major player in the travel industry; we share the same ideas when it comes to customer proximity and focusing strategy on delivering relevant messages.”

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