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Precision machinery parts manufacturer from China

We are China's professional precision machinery parts manufacturer, company name: Luoyang Atsen Seiko Technology Co., LTD. The company plans to build a precision manufacturing enterprise engaged in high-end precision machinery, special equipment, non-standard parts processing, mainly for hardware processing, automobile manufacturing, mold production, aviation parts manufacturing, automation production and other high-end manufacturing industry parts production and manufacturing.

Luoyang Atsen Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2020, is located in the famous industrial city, tourist city - Luoyang. The company is located in Dongda Science and Technology Industrial Park, a state-level high-tech development zone, located in the Beijing-Tianjin North Road, Luoxin Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Xin 'an County, Luoyang City. The highway around the park is accessible in all directions, only three kilometers away from the nearest highway entrance. With complete industrial supporting facilities and abundant human resources, it is a precision manufacturing enterprise engaged in high-end precision machinery, special equipment and non-standard parts.

The company has a production workshop of 1500 square meters, 600 square meters of office, the existing staff of more than 50 people, including senior technical personnel 11, is a skilled team full of morale. Finally, the flexible and intelligent production of non-standard customization is realized. At present, the company is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of various kinds of precision non-standard parts and accessories, and has obtained a number of national certified patents. Company detection means complete, advanced detection technology, all kinds of drawings complete formal data. In recent years, our company because of reasonable price, excellent quality, flexible sales method, warm and thoughtful service and well received by the majority of customers.

In 2021, Luoyang Atsen Seiko Technology Co., Ltd. set up Luoyang Flexible intelligent Manufacturing Research and development Center, which is mainly engaged in the research and development of flexible intelligent equipment and production line of special non-standard parts, in order to solve the procurement problems of small batch special manufacturing industry due to non-standard, small quantity and high processing difficulty. At present, it has developed a number of intelligent machine tool application equipment -- pendulum instrument, intelligent tool, etc. In the process of realizing this kind of flexible intelligent production, we will invest in the research and development of related problems, and the final research and development results will form certain intellectual property and related products, which will eventually be marketed.

The company has advanced machining center, CNC lathes, grinding machines, high precision testing instruments and professional design team, can become your most suitable supplier in China.

Li Hui

Company name: Luoyang Atsen Seiko Technology Co., LTD



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