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Top 10 Week of Jun. 3: ‘Hit Man’ and ‘Under Paris’ Score Killer Debuts; ‘Baby Reindeer’ Enters the Most Popular List

 It’s been a week for hit films. The action thriller Under Paris (France) had an in-Seine-ly (sorry, not sorry) good debut which debuted atop the Non-English Films List, with 40.9M global views. And Richard Linklater’s latest screwball comedy, Hit Man*, which he co-wrote with star Glen Powell, is a hit, man (again, not sorry), debuting atop the English Films List with 10.8M views in its first three days. While Glen gave us a lot of options, critics and audiences agree that Ron is 100% our dream hitman.

Richard Gadd’s hugely successful Baby Reindeer is already the most critically acclaimed, most talked about series of the year… and now it’s on the Most Popular English TV List at #10. The breakout series has clocked 84.5M views since its release on April 11. Making moves over on the Most Popular English Films List was the fantasy Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown, which climbed up to #7, clocking a total of 138M views in its first 91 days on Netflix. 

Benedict Cumberbatch’s “mesmerizingperformance in Eric helped send the limited series to #1 on the English TV List this week, racking up 10.1M views. Fans of Geek Girl couldn’t get enough of the show’s riveting “plot,” sending the heartwarming British drama to #2 with 7.3M views. The third and final season of the fantasy adventure series Sweet Tooth entered the list at #5 (4.4M views). All three seasons of Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton claimed spots on the list again this week. Season 3 took #3 (6.9M views), Season 2 came in at #7 (2.7M views) and Season 1 ranked #10 (2.4M views). Social scandals of a more, ahem, modern kind also proved appealing as Season 2 of the reality dating competition Perfect Match found the #8 spot with 2.5M views. The Jennifer Lopez-led sci-fi epic Atlas secured the second spot on the English Films List with 8.9M views, racking up a total of 59.8M views in just 17 days. Brooke Shields starrer Mother of the Bride claimed sixth place in its fifth week on the list with 3.5M views. The “wild” true-crime documentary How to Rob a Bank entered the list in tenth place, stealing 3.10M views. 

The intimate and emotional drama Raising Voices (Spain) held onto #1 on the Non-English TV List with 10.8M views. Korean series took four spots on the list this week. Romantic drama Hierarchy debuted at #2 (3.5M views), time-travel limited series The Atypical Family claimed #3 (1.8M views), dark comedy The 8 Show took #6 (1.5M views), and rom-com limited series Queen of Tears ranked #9 in its 14th week on the list (0.8M).

Making their debuts on the Non-English Films List this week were anime Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura (Japan) in fourth place (6.8M views), comedy The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance (Italy) in fifth (5.5M views) and drama A Part of You (Sweden) in eighth place (2.7M views).  To download Top 10 assets, visit Top10.netflix.com. 

Some titles may not be available in all regions. *Hit Man is only available in select countries.

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